Wednesday, March 16, 2011

She has a NAME!

It finally hit me the other day after telling this sweet one about a million times to STOP WHINING!!! I understand the need for communication but she would make this whining sound every time she lost track of me, if she walked on something that was a different texture, if she did not get a sip of her bottle the second she wanted it or even when she was peeing. At first I kept thinking "Are you in Pain?" "Is there something really wrong?" but then after watching her I realized she knew that if she made this noise I would drop everything and pay full attention to her.

So out of my very tired mouth came "STOP WHINING WYNONNA" - That's it!!! You named yourself girl.

I would like to introduce you all to the formally known "Girl in the bathroom" to the new "Wynonna" She already has learned her name and although she is not whining as much, still she uses that cry of hers to get me to drop everything and come a running. Now she is still not putting weight on the back right leg which does not make her or me the least bit happy - she has perfected the three legged hustle and it is almost as fast as any of her peers... She also has designed a new little dance when she is in the kitchen with me that is like a combo of skipping and turning. As a good mommy I have to let her try new things even if it means she splats on the floor and scares the crap out of both of us. This is the only way she will gain Independence and that is all I ever want for my bottle kids.

I wanted to take her out today because the weather was so nice but we again had those horrible winds got going so strong that most of the kids stayed in the barn because it was more then most could deal with - so we had exercise day in the shop, hide and go seek in the fiber processing room, movies and lunch in the kitchen (that was while I was dyeing new yarns) and nap time still in front of the space heater in the bathroom... That is Wynonna got the nap I got to do her poopy towels, loads of dishes, dyeing fiber and silk cocoons and start something for dinner but I guess I will sleep some other day.

So now you know her name - what do you think of Wynonna???


Keeper of the Past said...

Wynonna is perfect! She looks like she is growing. You have a very cute housemate.

larkspur funny farm said...

Thanks so much and Yes, she is growing a bit - not as much as the others but I feel blessed each day she is here.

Nancy R. said...

Wynonna is perfect. I'm a cat person and my last cat was like Wynonna. That cat meowed all the time, after eating, after sleeping, when I was in a different room, after using the cat box. I was trying out different names for her and after one particularly noisy cat meowing day, I turned to her and said
"how come you are so gabby. GABBY! That's it!" So Gabby cat got her name!
Enjoyed hearing about her naming. Thanks for all your work.