Thursday, March 3, 2011

Almost Gone with the Wind

We had a rough night at the farm - Little Girl in the bathroom developed a rattle in her lungs and was not pooping. Talk about me going into worry mode. I had a vaporizer going just like a did with my oldest son and his croup all those many years ago. Then there was the tummy rubs, making her walk around when she did not wish too, the holding and talking to her to keep her engaged and so I could track her better. So as you can tell there was not much sleeping going on for this gal...

By mid morning she still was not pooping and so I thought how about some time outside in the sunshine and walking with something to look at other then the inside of my house. We stepped outside after a half bottle hoping that with food in the tummy and this new movement would get things started. The sun is out and the temp is warm so we stepped out the shop door in faith!

The little one kept on my heels and I really had to watch that she was not going to be kicked or tripped. The birds where out and looking for food before the next change in the weather. The hens gave the little one a nasty look and she kept behind my feet for protection. The tall grass was too much for her so back on the driveway we went. She was starting to pick up speed when suddenly Mother Nature let go of a big gust of wind and there went my little one. She was being pushed along the dirt driveway and I was chasing after her. Oh My Gosh - this is scaring the poop out of her - REALLY as she was being pushed by the invisible hands of the Wind God's she lifted her tail and out came all that was beening stored. I can not believe this - how in the world did the universe know to do this but I am so thankful. I raced after her and grabbed her up before she could get hurt and put her in a windbreak so she could finish the process that had started. With a sweet little grin on her face of relief I waited till it looked like she had finished. I scooped her up and hugged her tight and long as I walked her back into the house.

We walked back to the bathroom and I placed her in front of the space heater. There she quickly lowered her head and drifted off to sleep. Oh how I wanted that too but back outside to check on the remaining three girls who might at sometime deliver . Maybe I should set them out in the wind - if it worked for poop who is to say it might not work for other things???

This is the first time in 15 years that I am thankful for my Wind - I guess I really need to rethink those things that I grumble about because everything has it purpose.

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Anonymous said...

Poor little thing! What an adventurous life you lead, Grace, and that wee one, too! My gosh, it was bad enough those mean faced hens, but to be pushed all over creation by the wind!!! I'm glad things are better for her, though!