Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Eve's Set of Twins

With all that has been going on I forgot to post the information of Eve's set of twins. She will never forgive me for this gross oversight...
On Feb 17 at 3:12 in the morning Eve quietly and quickly delivered her sweet boy. While she went to work and cleaning him and I went in the feed room to get a couple of towels she sat down and went to work on getting the second baby out which is a baby girl. Eve is a shy girl and does not let me get too close so I sat in my chair and pretended not to be watching. Can you guess who her mother is - Yes, the Devil Goat!! Eve has only had a single before so I was a bit worried to see how she would handle two very active kids. One thing I can say about the Devil Goat (Esmeralda) blood line is they are fantastic Mothers. I mean lay down their life, over protective and high efficient Mothers. I do admire that in them.
Eve went to work and got them cleaned and nursing with speed and ease... She got them settled into the hay after filling their bellies and then cleaned up the after birth. I marvel that animals without reading dozens of books on "What to Expect When You're Expecting" or the hundred and one parenting books that we all seem to pour over instead following what our instinct tells us is the right thing. They do not second guess if they fed them enough, tucked them in correctly or if they are being a great parent - they just do it and most do it with great skill and love!!
Eve never leaves her kids wanting for anything - they are the picture of health, happiness and growing like weeds. Such beautiful weeds... GREAT JOB EVE

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