Monday, March 14, 2011

Made it thru the Night

Olivia made it through the night and Opal is still nursing and bonded with her Mother. Checking every hour on her made the other girls in the barn uneasy but I felt that I needed to stay on top of the problem because things can go wrong quickly in this type of injury. Olivia is not showing any sign of shock but sure is not a happy camper. She gives me dirty looks are if somehow this is my fault. She does get up and down on her own, walks or should I say hobbles around her pen but at least she is still doing that - animals adapt quickly. Each of the other girls are checking on her through the pen but they come up to me each time talking to me as if they are giving their observations as to what has happened since I was last in the barn. Chief also has been on full alert and has been concerned as to constant in and out of the barn. Sophia also kept the alarm barking going through out the night as if to warn the creatures of the night that we were on full alert.

Over all things are better then I had expected. I am making a big cup of coffee and trying to get this body to stop hurting. I know it is a lot less pain then Olivia is experiencing but my day starts again and much work is a head of me. I then also remind myself that across the world Japan is in such pain and horror that what gives me any right to complain, worry or whine - we must count our blessings no matter how small. To count those aches and pains, lack of sleep and worry as a blessing to remind us we are given one more day, hour or minute.

So my blessings is Olivia made it through the night and today we take one hour at a time. For that we are blessed.

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Sheri said...

Oh Grace - what an ordeal you have been through this spring. Poor Olivia...I hope she pulls through this. I know of no goat mom that takes care of her charges like you do so if it is possible you will pull it off. I will keep her and you in my prayers. Sending light and energy your way. Some days it seems like all we can do is put one foot in front of the other...
Blessings on you and your charges, my friend.