Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another Colorado Fire - Closer to Home

While I tried today to not loss my mind in the horrible winds today Mother Nature was burning more dry land, trees and brush in Colorado. I spent the day with head phones on and my carding machine running full tilt just to mask the sound of the howling 38 mile per hour winds that had been going for the last four days. It was so bad that I could not even feed the animals till late in the afternoon. All of them had their heads down and hunkered behind each other just trying to make it through. When I finally got the chores done I came into the house and turned on the TV. There plastered on every station was news about a fire only 28 miles away and burning fast because of the winds. I have so many friends along with their animals in that part of our county that my heart just went wild. Quickly my mind went to my evacuation plans and how in the heck would I get it all done by myself. Last time we had to leave because of a fire I had my oldest still on the farm.... CRAP!!!

So, while my mind was racing my daughter in law had left a message and then while trying to call her my oldest son called. He knew I was alright but just checking in. After a brief exchange we hung up and I again went back to my plans....

The question is how would I get a mother goat with a broken leg safely into transport with her little one, then get all the mothers and their kids to get into a trailer. There would be no room in the trailer for all the boys and BOY that would be a mess with them all together. Then you have the llamas who refuse to be with the boys except for the four they live with. Then you have Kasha the Great Pry who will not let the other Great Pry girl Sophia anywhere near her and then Chief the Great Pry boy who loves everyone and would be easy to put in the trailer or truck except the fact that he gets car sick. You can not imagine how much a big dog like him can throw up. The last time we evacuated I was cleaning throw up out of the truck for weeks... I have done this before and I just will not let Mother Nature do this again!!!!

I thought tonight I would give the panic button a rest and sit in prayer for answers. I am great under pressure but I admit with all the lack of sleep in the last four weeks my panic button was pushed in and stuck.... Once I took a moment and sat myself down I slowly went through the procedures that are in place and reviewed what needs to be done now that I do not have all those extra hands. So here are some of the things I will be putting into effect:

I need to take updated pictures of all the animals and then send those pictures on line to a safe place so just in case we have to locate or identify animals I can do so.

I will need to also copy all the most current records to a on line safe place - I have them in their paper form in my evacutation box but I also want a on line back up - remember you might get separated from your things.

Next clear out the trailer which has been collecting things that really should not be there.. Then check their tires and lights.

Pull out the hoses that have been in winter storage and get them out to the pumps where they can be used. I have been watering the trees and grounds close to the house for a week now but will start a regular schedule of watering to do the best I can to keep at least around the house a little less dry.

I will cut any dead limbs off the pines around the house. Clear out any dried bedding from around the barns and now I am leaving on side of the barn open during the night just in case.

Move panels closer to make a tunnel run to move the animals quickly out of the pastures into trailers.

I guess you all know what I will be doing for the next couple days - sounds like good times!!

NOW I ASK YOU - "If you are only given 10 minutes to leave your apartment, home or farm - what do you have left to get done"??? We all think it will not happen to us but trust me it does...

Be Safe - Plan to the best you can... Mother Nature is looking like she is not going to be cutting anyone anywhere a break. Would love to hear what you might add to my list of things to do..


Nancy R. said...

It is crazy windy here so I can imagine in the more wide open spaces. I can't imagine what you've forgotten other than in those quiet moments of work, lots of prayers.

You and the critters are in mine.

Georgianne Holland said...

Oh Grace, I hope that the fire situation has calmed down for you today in Parker/Franktown area. I read your plan for evacuation and am just so impressed with all your TLC and your hard work! I recently bought a metal case for all of our important papers, and I haven't even put those papers into the case! You have inspired me to make an evacuation plan and purchase a fire extinguisher! Peace to you and yours, Georgianne

larkspur funny farm said...

Georgianne thank you for your kind words and please do make some type of a plan. If folks have learned anything from Japan and now our own weather is that some plan is better then none... I do not wish to panic folks but I have been in this situation and you only have minutes - I wish you well and let's hope Mother Nature gets off her broomstick.

Nacy - I thank you for your prayers and I have been trying to remember to give thanks amongst all this stress. I listen to the bird sing outside my window as I type this and give thanks to have the presence to hear it loving song.
Peace to you and yours.