Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Forward

I placed some new silk rod packets up on Etsy to get us all in the mood for Spring....
Today was perfection outside. You know life is sweet when I am using a hose to do the watering chores. For most they would say "Big Deal" but it is a BIG DEAL. You carry around 40 or so 5 gallon buckets around seven pastures and see if it doesn't become a big deal.....
Then I got to take "Little Girl from the Bathroom" outside and let her enjoy the sunshine and try a bit of walking. It still is not for very long but she had a great time just sitting in the grass on a blanket while I worked a bit on the front flower bed.
Next I enjoyed all the kids just running full tilt in the pasture without their Mothers... They remind me of the roadrunner - just darting here and there, jumping and even rolling around... If watching that you can not be smiling ear to ear then you are just dead inside.
After all that fun it was time to come inside and be the grown up and get to work. After screaming four letter words at my computer (the phone company changed some of my services and the call waiting screwed things up) because it was just messed up. I finally got it to work but not until I was just about to stroke out - so much for my morning meditations - a computer can put this gal over the edge so quickly. Anyway, spent hours (dial up is not for speed) posting new silk rods in my Etsy Shop. Hope you might take a look and tell me what you think..
So this evening it was hard to get the goat kids to come into the barn and I wanted to just sit on the front deck and watch the sun set but there are bottles to make, Laundry with those pee pee towels to get soaking and now more computer work. It was great having such a warm sunny day after all those bitter cold ones - just makes you really appreciate those simple things in life.
What was your favorite thing today???


Lorna at KnitsforLife said...

Did you know these are the colors that were on the runway in NY this spring? Nice taste!

larkspur funny farm said...

Had no idea - I guess this farmgal is still in the know!!

monica said...

Grace, The silk rods are absolutely beautiful! I may have to go and peek at your etsy!!!:)