Sunday, March 13, 2011

Update on Girl in the Bathroom

I am getting much quicker with the towel on pee alert. As trying to get a picture of her in the kitchen while eating my breakfast I quickly had to push a towel under her because she was going to get peeing into my heating vent... Silly Girl!
Well, another long night - I decided to add some yogurt and a drop of molasses to her milk formula. This will give her some needed goodies to keep her stomach working and bump up her energy levels. We walked around the upstairs every two hours which she at times complained but she was thrilled to be with me so she kept up. I had three loads of laundry to do in the night from her new formula - so now there are towels and sheets everywhere (I do not use a dryer and it was snowing outside last night) so it looks like a refugee camp here.
She has good times and bad (don't we all) but if you would please still keep her in your prayers I would greatly appreciate it... I also know she still does not have a name - I had been holding off thinking that maybe she was not going to make it - then she would do better and I started thinking of names and then she would slid again so for this moment I have just been calling her "Sweet Heart" but we will see what life holds today... I must let you know that she gives the sweetest nuzzles and snuggles - such a loving and kind little one. I gave her a ticking alarm clock during the times when I have to be away from her so she hears something close to a heart beat. Since she does not have a roommate I do not want her to disengage.
Thanks for reading and keeping her in your thoughts.


Jane said...

I have been wondering how she was doing, thanks for the update. I will keep sending her good thoughts

larkspur funny farm said...

Thanks Jane - we have been on a see saw ride with her - just when I think we are turning the corner she acts like she is on death's door then just when I am preparing myself for the worst she picks up and we are going again... She sure is draining me emotionally more then anything but I LOVE HER to pieces.... So thank you for keeping her in your thoughts...

monica said...

Grace, I am praying that she is well! She is so very adorable! I do hope that you are getting enough rest!:)