Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Movies & The 5 Roo's

It was 4 am and Wynonna had slept enough. She screamed and screamed till I just couldn't take it anymore. Her voice was going and she was throwing herself against the door - talk about a drama queen. I drug myself out of bed and collected her on the way downstairs. I started the hot water, placed her formula in the pan and began my day.

As I sat there with her as she chugged her bottle I realized I had not made the popcorn last night!!!! A rather silly routine that I do but one none the less that has many folks around here waiting bright and early on Saturday morning. POPCORN!

I don't know if most are old enough to remember but on Saturday mornings when I was a kid during the lunch hour they had Saturday Movies such as Charlie Chan, or Godzilla vs all sorts of hard to believe monsters like Mothra, then there was Tarzan and the very B rated Horror Movies... I would get all my chores done racing at full speed, then make myself a sandwich with homemade bread and some great home preserved jelly. One those special of days I might include a chip or two which was not carried in my house very often. Then top it all off with a tall glass of whole milk and sat in front of the TV enjoying each minute of this television treat. Still all these years later and we wont talk about how many has gone by - I find comfort in that memory and recreate it when I can. I found on the TV awhile back a station that only plays oldies - that sounds so strange coming from my mouth but they have Charlie Chan, horrible B rate Horror movies which made me think I died and went to heaven... A bit of my childhood when worries did not seem so big and I was only responsible for a small handful of chores and animals.

You might wonder why the popcorn??? Well, when Grace wants to give herself a boost I have popcorn. Not a stiff drink, not chocolate not even a shopping trip - just good old popcorn. So I have shared that love with my animals (those who can or should eat it) and so on Friday nights it is popcorn night. To sit down, watch a show and eat great popcorn. Last night I was too pooped to pop - so I forgot!!

However, I have the bags done for the Roo's, Hen's and Dogs - yes my dogs love it too!!!
The update on the Roo's is they are still alive, still not my fav's but they have learned that if they only go about 20 feet east out of the barn they are outside in the pen with the yearling goat boys. See I told you they where not smart... So they have been doing so for the past couple of days and getting on the goat boys last nerves.. Early this morning my gentle kind soul Sugar had one pinned against the barn with his horns and giving him a big morning squeeze. I do not think it was out of love - who could blame Sugar. I have had that thought many times.. I will be handing out the popcorn very soon and all will be right as rain (I wished we had a few drop of rain) here at the farm.

Go enjoy a great old classic and a big bowl of popcorn today - or do whatever made you the happiest as a child. It is good to remember the "Good Old Days".

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Jane said...

I can't even make popcorn without a dog howling in anticipation. Once you get these animals onto a treat it is no mercy. Just like Wynonna, she knows what she wants and she is going to get it. Good thing they are cute.