Friday, March 25, 2011

What 2 am looks like at the Farm

Folks wonder what we do at 2 am when no one can sleep - We raid the kitchen cupboards... Wynonna just could not wait for me to get the formula warmed up so she thought she would find something to tide her over while it took 30 seconds to warm in the microwave.
I guess of Wynonna can get into the cupboards my grandson Reese will be able to figure it out as well - at least I hope so!!!
While I made myself a cup of tea, gave the 8 ounces of warm formula to the hungry, hungry, hippo known as Wynonna I wondered if I was ever going to have a full night sleep again. I was tempted to back something rich and yummy I finally got my feet back into bed by 4 am only to be wide awake. So, I watched some horrible movie while I ran through the work list that soon would be greeting me in an hour or so - life at the Funny Farm goes round the clock!
PS - please enjoy this picture because my computer only took 35 minutes to load it - what is up with that??? Oh how I hate dial up........


Jane said...

That is one of the cutest little bums I have seen, even if it took 35 minutes to load :)

larkspur funny farm said...

Yep, don't you want to just pinch it?? She is sleeping like a sweetheart but soon she will be up for the 2 am feeding so I better sleep fast. Hope all is peaceful your way..

monica said...

How very cute!!:)

Nicole said...

omg this is so adorable! what a sweetheart. i hope you guys are all doing well :D. i received my 'crochet' book in the mail the other is so cool! i was so excited! thank you thank you thank you! you made my day. the alpaca yarn is the softest i have ever felt. if you could give juno a belly rub from me, i would really appreciate it. i'm off to find a small crochet hook (its in some box lol) so i can get started. i am already concocting color combination and other projects :P. have a wonderful day!
nicole (from canada!)