Saturday, May 5, 2012

Open for Business - Hotel Funny Farm

It is that time again - the opening of Hotel Funny Farm. Yep, this morning I had my first two lodgers. I woke up to a hummingbird flying around my bed room.. Seems that I was too hot in the middle of the night and got up and opened the window a crack to let the cold evening air come in and assist me in my slumbers. As I was still in my dreams I felt this tiny flutter on my check. Thinking it was one of those nasty Miller Moths that are now flying all around I swatted at it but my fingers connected with something much bigger. I opened my eyes to see what is was and there was this hummingbird flitting around over my bed. I said I was sorry and asked if he would not get so personal and rolled over to continue sleeping. He is still moving through the house enjoying the accommodations.

As I came down stairs this morning to start my morning routine there sitting on my leather couch arm was the second guest. He was singing away and enjoying himself as I started the coffee pot and opened all the doors to aid him in his removal - that was five hours ago and he still wishes to be a guest.. I told him as long as he is not pooping in the house I will let him take his own sweet time... Reservations are Highly Recommended!!

So I guess the sign is out and the guests are coming. With the prices of things I will have to up the price of staying at "Hotel Funny Farm" - make your reservations early - it fills up quickly.


Tombstone Livestock said...

Have you ever heard of window screens??????? LOL, That poor humming bird looks stressed out, don't usually see them with their beaks open. Do you know name for the blue bird? I have a pair of birds making a nest in old electrical pole that power company replace since wood peckers had hollowed it out. I am thinking they are purple martins, they are lavender colored on back and tan on breast, yet every picture I look at of purple martins they look almost totally black. Need to buy a bird book I guess.

larkspur funny farm said...

Had screens but with each storm I lose another. Since none of the windows are standard you have to have them custom made - no funds right now. Love Purple Martins - love to see your picture..

I am not a bird person so folks who really know me laugh that birds seem to Love me..