Friday, May 4, 2012

Off in the Ditch Emotional Morning

Amazing bounty of pine cones grace the tree outside my kitchen deck. I tried to get a better picture of the delicate cones but it was just blurry...

With the warmth of the early morning I decided to place my wash outside on the well loved antique drying rack - hoping the wind would not join in for once. I also hoped that the peeling deck paint would not attach itself to my clean clothes. With the cold nights and warming days the deck paint is peeling more and more each day. Long story that still makes me madder then a wet hen or cat.

Anyway, back to things at hand. The sun dried the clothes with 10 minutes - how is that for solar power and I have another batch soon to be placed outside. As I dealt with another mind splitting, headache pounding, soul scaring conversation with my Mother (Honestly, I got to figure out what went wrong with my Caller Id on this new fangled phone) I just could not imagine why on such a peaceful morning did I need this?? When I left the two hour phone torture I vented on FB just so I would not go off the deep end or have my head explode like the guy on Mind Scanners. I also went outside and got tons of Llama baby kisses and goat baby kisses to wipe my mind clear and to remember what unconditional love felt like. With the love and kindness of my FB friends I am on a better path... THANK YOU ALL!

I am taking my lunch to the forest and reconnecting to those things that bring me joy and love. I am also bringing my Great Pry Sophia just in case the Mountain Lion had the same idea and hoped for a tender yet worn out tasty treat called Grace.

Hope your Friday is with less bumps and that someone says kind things to you today... If you need someone to say the words or listen to your story just know I am always here for you even it it is only through our typing..

On a side note here is a giggle, typical Funny Farm Events. As I was getting reamed out on the phone I was placing the second round of clothes on the rack and missed the fact that my bottle kids had seen me and heard me on the deck. As I went into the house for more verbal tongue lashings my little assistance's helped me in rearranging my under garments on the rack. Goldie had a pair of panties stuck to her horns as Max was standing there sucking on one of my skirt sleeves. Yep, forgot they knew how to do stairs. Well, that sure put things right with me - I giggled so hard and moved the clothes higher. Then I hugged and snugged my sweet ones and remembered life is way too short and filled with wonderful things to let this day go off into the ditch. Thanks Kids for reminding me !!


Ngo Family Farm said...

Oh yes, no time to have your mind in the gutter...Er, head in the ditch...or horns in the panties, LOL. I think we all have those people in our lives who drain our time and energy and emotions, but it's a good reminder to choose contentment as often as we can. So much for your boring Friday ;)

larkspur funny farm said...

Oh Jaime I am hoping that you are feeling well and that your household is getting back to normal, whatever that means.

Your so right - I just keep hoping that things will change but I guess after 53 years I should know better.

Here is to panty laughs and Llama Kisses.

Aprons and More said...

:] Hugs to you!! :]

Katy and Sweet Mama :)

larkspur funny farm said...

Thank you so much ladies - I sure could use those Hugs... Right back at you - wait to you see who came to cheer me up...