Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What did you do this weekend?

Can you hear the sea calling you?? This weekend I had the dye pots going and the creative juices flowing... This is 50% silk and 50% rayon hand painted hand pulled roving - I have named it "Conch Shell" and is up for sale on my Etsy Shop www.larkspurfunnyfarm.etsy.com

I have placed many new silk rods, silk cocoons and fiber up in the shop and many more to come tonight as long as my attention holds out. Oh to just be able to create things and have someone else sell it for me... Any one know of someone, some where, some how??? Where have I heard that song before??

I gave myself permission to sit in the forest Monday afternoon and read a book. I had a sweet little fox watching my from under a large scrub oak bush. The birds where singing (almost too much to keep a thought on the book) and for once there was no wind.. Three hours of reading, breathing and understanding that I work myself into the ground without time to just "Be Here Now". Yes, I also watched "Fierce Grace" from Ram Dass which spoke of his recover from a stroke. I will be viewing this for the third time and still I an hearing very necessary words of wisdom.

So What Did You Do?


Sheri said...

As you know, I dug out grass from my bean rows. I felt like I was this horrible marauder as all the worms ensconced in the clumps started roiling out of the soil. I felt very bad for them - a worm apocolypse and I was creating it. I saved as many as I could and the rest were consumed by my chickens when I fed them the clumps of grass. It gives one pause to think how delicate the balance of nature is and how easily even well intentioned disruption can be the ultimate disruption for something else. It also is a good lesson in seeing the immediate results of ones actions. I wished the worms that didn't make it a bon voyage to where ever worms go and watched my chickens scratch the clumps and devour with relish. Ah - the joys and paradox of a gardeners journey...

larkspur funny farm said...

So very true Sheri - looking at the Now is sometimes more then one's view can hold.