Saturday, May 19, 2012

New Guests Check In

Late last night as the storm began to gather it's strength I heard Kasha start her barking - the kind of barking that was telling me there was someone here who should not be. It was not the "There is someone to EAT someone" bark so I figured the late night travelers could sign the guest book in the morning and we would sort out their luggage and get their credit card number when it was a bit drier.

The storm was a big one and tons of lightening and thunder. Not much sleep for anyone here at the farm and the worries kept me awake longer then I hoped for - at some point this gal would love a full nights sleep.

This morning the new guests had found their pasture and was grazing on their complimentary breakfast... Kasha HATES birds of any kinds but even she was too tired to keep barking. Guess we will entertaining today new visitors. Let's just hope their good tippers.

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