Wednesday, May 9, 2012

More Than 3 Bags Full

Tuesday's plans went out the window because with the snow, rain and now hot weather goats are blowing out their lush fiber. No time to waste or plan, it is out into the barn and to work.

Started with this sweet and lovely girl - Gwen born last year and having the most amazing silver gray - She is a Cashgora and blows her fleece which means it let's go of the skin and if you are not quick enough it will be all over the pastures.. She is quick and not much for humans but like all my animals once I have them they turn to butter. With goats you need to be smarter then quicker - some days that can be a challenge. Once I had her calmed down and on my lap she soon turned limp and then off to sleep. As I plucked the fiber out (which does not hurt) and filled the bag with her luscious locks the other goats had to come around and see what I as doing. Once the plucking was done I spent some time rubbing her body and snuggling her. It always amazes me how they go from this wild child, bucking and screaming to this warm bowl of jello.. She placed her head in the curve of my neck and breathed slowly and softly. Then she rubs her soft muzzle on my check and give me a couple of licks. Once we finished our loving time together I placed her off my lap and she ran to her mother. Gretal checked her over from nose to tail and one by one the other girls did the same. What happens next is head butting and chasing. It is like they do not recognize each other without their fleece.

Next up before I got too busy and tired it was you know who - I spent a great deal of time chasing down and wrangling the Devil Goat. Esmerelda was blowing all her fine Cashmere down big time so I had not choice but to deal with her. I placed her in the squeeze shut I erected so both of us would be safe. She had no choice but to deal with it and I worked quickly. She got the same body rub and scratchs between her horns (they love that) but no way would I give her a chance near my head. When I let her go she stood there giving me that evil eye and for a moment I wondered what she was going to do - in the end she did her normal walk past me as if to say "Screw You"

For the next 7 hours the routine was about the same. Some of the Mothers do not mind getting shorn because once they feel the air hit thir skin they remember how good it feels to be without the heavy coat on their backs. Some of them get pushy with me to hurry up and get to them while I work on someone else. Mishka is the worst. She not only wants her long Angora locks off but she hates me showing any attention to others. Finally after hours of her being a pain I had to send her out of the barn - that was because she was pulling my hair, licking my arms raw but the worst was she would bit the ears of the little babies on my lap. How dare they sit on my lap and sleep... She really is a Momma's girl ( Yes, I know it is my fault)

At 6 pm I stopped work for the day - still have three girls to go and all the boys to do but not today..

I am going to be one tired and sore gal - really the only sore part on me is my bum. I sure wished I had padding back there - sitting all that time on a hard plastic garden seat sure reminds me of the lack of junk in my trunk...

As I fixed my dinner I looked out at the pasture and there was all those naked girls running, jumping and head butting - great sight to see and a more then three bags full in the fiber room.


Ngo Family Farm said...

Whew! Made me all sleepy and jell-o like just reading about it ;)

larkspur funny farm said...

Oh, I hope it was not boring - just hard to put my day in a few sentences...