Saturday, May 19, 2012

POOP Happens

Early this morning a big thunder storm rolled in and made the farm a bit scary!! I shot downstairs and unplugged the computer from the house and checked out the windows to see (it was pitch dark out) if all was still standing. The llamas who I tired to get into the barn before I hit the hay are now standing out in this lightening storm - SEE I told you to follow Mommy but does anyone listen???

Then there was the two billies (Sherlock and Watson) who also did not want to go into their barn but rather was having fun head butting and running around. Since my leg was not doing so great earlier in the day I did not wish to run around. I asked them five times and well, typical boys, so now they will have to BILLY UP!!

When the sun started to show itself this is what I found on my kitchen deck - guess Sherlock got the POOP scared out of him. Now it is me who has to clean up... Lucky, Lucky ME!


Ngo Family Farm said...

Ah, poop. It happens here in many places where it shouldn't be, too. The worst is when the wind blows poop from flying geese onto the high bathroom window, and then it has to sit there until the rains come to wash it away! Finally today my windows will get cleaned ;)

Candy C. said...

Why is it that poop never happens in a GOOD spot?!? LOL!!

larkspur funny farm said...

Jamie I know what you mean - I have birds who make their Spring nest on the logs and they are continually putting poop where I can not clean it - I guess to some they would be upset I look at those events as my giving a safe place to raise your little ones.

Sherlock wanted so many hugs this morning and we did talk about the leaving poop on the deck.. He said he was sorry and should had listened to me... See at least he knows what to say but does he mean it???

larkspur funny farm said...

Candy you are so right. My herd of deer keep leaving way too much poop in front of the shop door from their evening stay. Wonderful to have them so close but makes for tricky walking.