Thursday, May 24, 2012

WHAT THE **** ?

Tuesday was one of those days you can not believe, understand or wish to ever repeat. We wont go into all the strange but screwed up things that happened to me, my electrical systems, animals fighting who never fight and just a whole bunch of horrible feelings but this one I am still wondering WHAT THE ???? Seriously

My middle finger began swelling up and turn black and red without me doing anything silly, stupid or "Grace" like. I was simply walking outside and noticed it. No, I do not give the finger so it was not that someone got mad by my hand expressions. I have no idea what happened. This is a picture of it today and trust me it is a million times better then on Tuesday.. There is no pain, I even could spin and I also shorn three goat girls without it hurting.

SO WHAT THE (you fill in the blank) ??? Any ideas??


Tombstone Livestock said...

That looks extremely weird ... was that early in the morning, did you do something in your sleep???? If it stays like that I think a trip to the doctor is a serious consideration. Difference in color is very noticeable. Any tenderness? sliver? hay sliver?

I enlarged photo, LOL, fingernails look just like mine, no fancy nails around livestock.

larkspur funny farm said...

So true about fingernails they sure get chewed up. No pain at all, came on about 3 in the afternoon.. What I was doing was smudging after some very bad things happened and I was simple walking and saying prayers. I just thought it was the topper to a horrid day... I thank you so much for your insight and caring - I have broken many fingers so I know what that is like. I think the universe just wants the weeds to grow higher..

Candy C. said...

Very strange, I'm glad it seems to be getting better. Heck, I won't even show ya'll my fingernails! LOL!!