Friday, May 4, 2012

FRIDAY - What's on the Schedule?

As I started to make the coffee this morning I looked out the kitchen window and there was my two sweet little Llama girls. Just waking up...

What a great way to greet the morning - such sweet faces looking back at me. It looks like the farm is moving in slow motion this morning and I am not a speed racer myself this morning.

For many folks this is the last day of their work week but not for me - the saying TGIF does not hold the same meaning... I have a set of things I do each Friday, they are boring and do not require much thought or skill but keep this farm humming. While doing these tasks I also think about those who work the night shift and are just settling into their nights sleep now and how their work keeps them from the sunshine and song birds. My mind also wonders to those who are still on baby watch or doing round the clock bottle feedings for little four legged babies. They do not know if they are coming or going but this day does not hold the same meaning either. My mind wonders as I go about doing the Friday routine of the farm and think - what might happen if this day did not get done? Would any one notice other then me? Does our daily movements have meaning to the advancement of the world or is it just something to fill the time??

Well enough of that - time to get to work on the Friday Routine which will include tons of hugs and kisses to all at the farm but heck that is on the schedule every day.

So, I am curious what is on your schedule today ???

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