Sunday, May 3, 2009

Busy Day in the Goat Barn

This morning when I went out to do morning feeding I noticed we must have had a hormone spike during the night. It seems as every little young man was in the mood for more then food. Love was in the air and that is just plain WRONG

I did not have this on the schedule of things to do today but Mother Nature was scrapping my list and giving me new plans. So I set about dividing up the barn - Girls and Boys. Tearing down the kidding pens and constructing a alley way to the new pasture for the boys and reconstructing a nursery on the girls side. Now while all this is going on the goats are not stupid - they knew something was up but could not quite put their hooves on it until the divider panel went up. Right then and their the Mother's remembered this from year gone by and they started up with loud vocals. I jumped into action grabbing a boy by the horns and walking them into their new pasture - wait did I say WALKING, more like dragging. You know the kind when a kid has a tanturm, drops to the floor and becomes a million pounds - Yes, that kind of walking. One by one I walked them into the nice new pasture with lush grass and dandelions, their fav's. You would have thought I was walking them to their deaths. Who says there are only Mom's Boys in the human world. I found boys have a harder time weaning from their Mom's then any of the girls. With five boys screaming and their mothers calling back, it was anything but a quite Sunday Morning at the Funny Farm.. Now that the sun is setting they have started up their crying because no nursing for them before bedtime and the girls that are with their mothers and are rubbing it in the faces of those sweet little boys - doesn't just break your heart??? Llama boy is guarding them tonight and he is already sick and tired of hearing their cries - he keeps looking at me like "Make them STOP". Hope all has a quite night because the Funny Farm will be anything but quite. Sweet Dreams

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