Saturday, May 2, 2009

Second Set of Twins - Marvin and Murtle

As you can see brother and sister look very different but they are so much alike in spirit. Both of them are gentle, kind and a little bit shy although they both love attention and affection. Marvin is the seal grey with black under tones while Murtle is a soft cream with a slight apricot hase to her coat. As you can see their mother Maggie is pure black but blows a fleece of silver. They are Cashmere so they will have a customary buttery coat that will require nothing more then a brush to harvest. I am also so excited to say that Murtle's eye issue are completely gone - amazing considering at one point we thought she might be totally blind. Those herbal remedies work - I have been saying that for so many years but a guess you just have to have this type of miracle to understand.

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