Saturday, May 2, 2009

The First Set of Twins - My How They Have Grown

Seamus and Sarita are finally getting away from Mom Esmeralda and becoming friendly. Most folks can not tell them apart but to me it is very easy - Sarita is sitting on the metal drum and Seamus is standing alone in the barn. It is very rare to find the two of them separate but now Seamus is finding those rubs, hugs and snugs that Monk gets are really quite nice. Sarita will only come up to me if Seamus comes with her. They both are also Cashgora's and have the softest, pure white fleeces. They both have had a couple of times spent time in the feed bunkers but what is amazing about this type of fleece is all it takes to get the vegetable matter out is to run you hand up and down the fleece and it is back to perfection. The brown and black goat standing with them is their mother "Esmeralda" and the dog watching over is "Chief" one of the three great pry's who protect us all. Chief just loves his goaties.... He had a soft spot in his heart for goat babies and has been guarding that barn since he came here - you will find him licking their ears, cleaning their eyes and standing guard all night to make sure those little one's are safe.

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