Sunday, May 3, 2009

You know who went up the hill???

The winner is BeckyZ who was first to enter the names of "Jack and Jill" and yes they have been up and and down the hill many times... Congrat's and I am so glad you liked your prize.

As you can see they seem so tiny compaired to the other goat babies - but the difference in age makes quite the difference in growth. "Jill" is the one who is looking directly into the camera. She has such fine delicate features, pure white in coat and such a mellow personality until she gets going and then WATCH OUT she runs like the wind. "Jack" is the one who loves to look at the heat lamp everytime I try to take a picture (which really screws with the camera). He has a silver streak down his back and a real rebel streak too! As you can tell by the close up he has silver gracing his face and ears too. The two of them stay close together but when their Mom Gretal is not looking they even come up to me for a stroke down their back. As soon as Gretal sees that they are getting close to me she calls them back to her and gives me a nasty look. Now that the weather is starting to be kinder, the two of them will have many more runs up and down those hills..

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