Sunday, May 3, 2009

The next set of twins are Rebecca's

Rebecca is such a GREAT Mother and again providing twins - Lucas and Lilly

"Lucas" is standing tall in the feed bunker telling the herd that he gets fed first - to bad it is not true. The moment the food comes out he stand behind his mother because all the other goats crowd around. He hates fighting over anything but at least in this picture he is looking like a real billy boy. Next picture with the single goat with a baby standing behind her is "Lilly" - just like her name, she is a delicate flower. Lilly is always protecting the newest kids, helping her brother out by giving him first bids on the food and is always willing to sit with me to receive gentle strokes and tons of hugs. She especially loves having her ears rubbed and nose kissed.

The other picture shows them together and when I asked "Who is my pretty babies ?" you can see "Lucas" answered with his lip curled up and a grunt, "I am MOMMY, I am" They are both Cashmere although Lucas has wave to his fiber. Truly Gentle Souls are these two...

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