Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kazoo is Next

This young man is a Silly Billy - he loves when I call him "Kazoo Kazoo"... He is the fun guy in the group. Kazoo loves to run, jump and kick up his hooves but most of all he LOVES getting his back rubbed. He turns to mush as you can see him laying on the barn floor after receving one of my famous back rubs.
His mother Kate is a Cashgora with a fiber length of six inches and his father is a Pure Angora with a fiber length of nine inches. So as you can see this pure white fleece is already about 3 inches with a sheen that is blinding. He is also going to have the density of this father "Ret" which is fantastic. I also must share he is like his father in another way - he is tickleish under his under arms. It is so funny to watch an animal who is tickleish - they can't giggle but they curl up their upper lip and you can see their skin crawl - then they jump into the air - then Kazoo runs back to me waiting for me to do it again - Silly Billy!!

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