Sunday, May 3, 2009

The last set of twins are finally named

First we have "Peter Peter" you know the Pumpkin Eater. He is the wonderful black accented little boy. The winner for his name is ErikaH...Yeah! Erika is getting a spinning lesson per her request..

Second is "Boy Blue or Bleu" and he sure has some blue eyes. The winner for his name is NormaJ who is loving her book on natural dyes. Putting her garden to use in a whole new way.

This set of twins can only be described as pure energy. When I let them out of their pen they are at full tilt - running, jumping, butting heads and just about anything else they can think of. I laugh myself silly because after running around "Peter" pants and sticks out his tongue. The first couple of times he did this I was concerned so I checked his heart rate and he was fine - just his silly way I guess of showing he is excited. Peter was the one I had to feed with a bottle for a week to get him started but now their is nothing that he will not eat. Bleu is very outgoing with the other goats and is trying to work up the nerve to play with me but he still is not sure.. He also is a foot stomper - their way to show they are not afraid - funny because I know he is. These two will be the one's to keep an eye on if you can!

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