Monday, May 4, 2009

Ring Around the Roses

Jack and Jill art taking advantage of the pasture without the big boys - they have been circling and circling and circling - soon if not to dizzy they will but heads. After watching them go round and around they sat down and waited I think for the little brains to unscramble. Monica was first out this morning to go run around but now she is fast asleep. She was so brave this morning walked out the barn with no one with her not even the dog - I must admit I was scared for her but I was watching from a distance to make sure nothing would go wrong. No I am not a helicopter Mom just know that the fox is out and about at that time of the morning and Monica is just the right size to grab.

Go out and play some Ring Around the Roses, Jack or Jump Rope - remember those good old days, live them again because we are never too old!

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