Saturday, May 2, 2009

Einstein the Master Mind

I spent about a half an hour trying to get him in the camera range and this was the best I could do - He moves to quickly and seems to be two steps ahead of me. His mother "Eva" is continually singing his praises and I must say I agree with her - he is remarkable. Eva is a Cashgora with a very soft handle to her five inch long fleece but his father "Ret" has given him the lock structure and shine of an Angora. Einstein and Kazoo have almost identical fleeces and oddly enough they are best of friends. You will find those two glued at the hip getting into all kinds of fun. Einstein however, loves to have his back hips rubbed and horns scratched. He also has picked up his mothers gift of gab - he loves to talk with me while I work in the barn or when I walk the pastures with them. The nice part unlike his mother - when I tell him to be quite he shuts up - now if only I could get Eva to learn that !


Lisa said...

Love all your wonderful stories about your babies. We live in the city with two borzoi (who some folks think are goats beleive it or not) but I've always wanted goats.. they are so sweet!

Looks like your weather is finally yielding to spring...

larkspur funny farm said...

Hey Lisa
Thanks for stopping in and see my sweet ones. My sister a long time ago had a Borzoi - I loved him but he ate every door in the apartment.
Just know if you every in my neck of the woods you are welcome to come and see the goats. I was thinking of bringing back my program where you could adopt a goat - did that when we first started 13 years ago. Who you be interested?