Saturday, May 2, 2009

What a Perfect Boy "Monk" Is

As you can see "Monk" is one impressive young billy. I admit, he also has the sweetest heart just like his Great Grand Dad "Thor" but with fleece has exceeded all my hopes. He is a Cashgora which means his fleece will brush out like a Cashmere but will have at least double the length of a Cashmere and a sheen that is more like an Angora. The other benefit to this type of fleece is the price tag it yeilds, in past years this quality of fleece fetched $19.50 a half ounce - you heard me right!!!
Each time I go in the barn "Monk" greets me with kind rubs on my leg and kisses on my hands. As I stroke his fantastic fleece and kiss the bridge on his nose, his eyes just melt. He was first born and gently commands the lead of all the goats - a true herdshire in the making. I could sit for hours hugging and petting him and he sure would let me but I must not forget to share the others with you.

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