Monday, May 17, 2010

Rich Dark Chocolate Fudge

Without all the calories!! Just placed this incredible pencil roving up on my Etsy site - only after taking 75 photo's and only getting three that would work. This rich natural dark chocolate fudge brown is a real dream. Most browns in the sheep world will fade out or get red brown tips but not my Fudge Girl.. A big Icelandic Ewe with tons of fleece - soft, dreamy fleece. I had it made into pencil roving so you can work quickly before it melts. I had 8 pounds but now down to only 25 ounces so this a treat and goes as quickly as the Christmas Fudge.


PenCraft said...

pretty, pretty! Sorry about your hen. Sounds like she lead a good life though. Isn't it amazing how attached one can get to a chicken. I loved mine, so sad when I had to give them away. But they went to a nice home. :)

larkspur funny farm said...

Thanks so much for the kind words. Why did you have to give up your chickens - I hope that is not being too much of a busy body??