Monday, May 17, 2010

A Sweet Life

It has been an interesting last couple of days. My sweet hen was having a rally in her health and on Saturday she even went out on the back deck and ate popcorn and spinach - her two fav's. While I was busy dyeing some silk hankies I lost track of time. When it hit me that I had not checked on her in awhile I went out on the deck but she was not there. I paniced for a moment - you know the thing I do best and then went out to search for her. After combing all of her spots around the farm I went to the coop. There she was sitting in her nesting box napping. After giving her a long talking too about scaring me and leaving the deck I gave her a couple of gentle strokes down her back and told her I would set the timer and check on her in an hour. O.K. we all know I did this for the rest of the day - every hour on the hour. She was happy as a clam sitting with her sisters and in her box.

At dusk I decided she could stay with the girls but I would continue checking in. It is no wonder the dark circles under my eyes never go away. At the 3 am check I noticed she was no longer holding her head up - I went in and sure enough she was gone.

Now before everyone gets too sad please know - she lived a long, productive and very much loved life. She gathered her strength to have a wonderful last day in the sun and with her sisters. She got to spend her last hours in her comfortable nesting box which she spent many years giving the best eggs in this world. If I could have a passing like she did - Life would be Well Worth It! So I hope today you will honor her by doing those things that bring you joy and peace. Celebrate Each Day!!

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monica said...

Grace, I am so behind on reading your posts! I am sorry to hear about your sweet hen, but I know that with you she had a wonderful life!!