Thursday, May 13, 2010

Who Needs a Rooster?

This morning as the sun was reaching the top of the horizon and I was considering on dragging myself out of bed I heard something strange.. I am normally a jump out of bed and get going kind of gal but with all the ups and downs last night checking on the hen and my little lost visitor I was dead on my feet.

Again, I heard that strange sound. After being on this farm for 14 years you know the sounds of daily life - not too many things change on that you can be sure. I opened the shade and Kasha was looking at the chicken coop. She was giving it that look like there was something there that did not belong and she was determining if she should kill it or not. I tried to get my eyes to focus - what was she seeing. I moved to the next room to get a closer look. As I looked all around the grounds expecting to see some kind of four legged, teeth bearing, furry chicken eater - I say nothing. As I raised my eye up to the sky - there on the roof, what is it?? I blinked and blinked trying to get these eyes to focus - suddenly I could see it - MY LOST VISITOR. What in the heck is that sound it is making??
I have never heard something like it... I quickly went to get the camera and snap a picture. HE IS ALIVE... I went downstairs and slipped on my boots. I slowly opened the shop door and just then, the big bell that is tied on the knob rang out. The little visitor ran down the back side of the roof and off thru the pasture.

At least it is alive... My guilty thoughts could stop and my karma is right... He is Alive!!!

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