Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nellie - A British Wensleydale Lamb's Fleece

From over the pond came this incredible fleece. A friend of mine who I met as I was a vendor at the Taos Wool Market brought over from her farm 12 lambs fleeces to show in a class about sheep breeds from around the world. She also is all organic and loves her four legged family as much as I do. We spent for hours that weekend, sharing tricks and tips and all things fiber. After her class I managed to snag six fleeces and she went home with four of my Alpaca fleeces and three of my Mohair fleeces and she cleaned me out of all my handmade felt. We had a marvelous time and I have loved her fleeces ever since. I have kept the fleeces for my private projects but have decided to share what is left of Nellie's fiber to my Etsy customers and blog friends because I want others to see what the world has to offer from loving farms.

The Brit's use this fiber in their special effect yarns and fabrics. They raise their Wensleydale a bit different in they are denser in fiber and with more sponge to their feel. They are where this bred started from and I think they still do an incredible job in keeping the genetic pool pure and clean. I also love the way it takes dye - fast and clean but you can get shading that looks like you have spent hours painting but you have not. Magical is the word.

So here is Nellie - a sweet gal with the best fleece in the barn.


Spinners End said...

Grace- Lovely stuff. I have to admit being confused by the photos at a glance it looks like a platter of oriental food! Some golden batter fried chicken surrounded by green and golden vegetables...maybe it is that I'm still on my first cup of tea?!? ;) It sure is pretty wool.

larkspur funny farm said...

How funny and boy that sounds great - maybe we need to make that for dinner this week?? Thanks for taking a peak and also for the comment - love hearing from you. Hope the world is treating you right.

Keeper of the Past said...

Grace, my fingers itch to get a feel and my eyes loved the color.

monica said...

Grace, You are such a temptress! I would buy them all up along with the gorgeous locks that I got from you the other day!


Anonymous said...

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