Thursday, May 13, 2010

Look what the storm blew in

Remember the storm that happened Tuesday night - well, I had to run out to get the chicken coop doors closed while all hell was breaking lose outside. I got the rain gear on, boots on and just as I opened the door something ran into the shop. I must admit with all the lightening and thunder going on I just wanted to run out there, get the doors shut and not get hit by lightening. I ran like a scared rabbit, locked the doors and ran back to the shop. Upon arriving into the shop, I started peeling off the wet gear - just then I saw something dart past a couple of the yarn racks and under one of the tables. The shop only had a dim light on so I could not make out what it was. I guess I was not nuts - something did run into the shop as I was running out. What is it?? How do I get it out?? Or Great I am going to miss Lost - could this night get any better??

I walked across the shop to get to the overhead light switch. I flicked the switch and bent down to get a view from the floor. Something ran quickly behind the desk, then over to the trash can, then back to the desk. I stood up and focused my eyes. Not sure what it is - A Bird of Some Kind but no something that was going to be living in my shop. So now came the dance - back and forth we circled around the shop until I could get to the doors and open them up. As the rain and snow began hitting the large rug in front of the doors I again wondered why do I always have to have the unwanted guests??

I must say I sure get my exercise in the strangest ways. Around and around we went until finally I got the silly thing out of the doors. Quickly I shut the doors and started to mop up the mess that now was all over the floor. Looking at the clock I notice I had mintues until the show was starting. I went upstairs and got into spinning position and with a bounding heart I began my Tuesday night routine of watching a badly written TV show.

As the show played on and my spinning was hitting a calming pace this horrible nagging thoughts came over me - "I wonder if the little fellow is O.K.?" "How could I be so mean as to not let the little guy stay - just until the storm passed?" "What kind of monster are you that you put a TV show over the well being of another living creature?" I routine was broken, my thoughts blocking out all of the story line that some over price writer spent minutes to conceive. GRACE - go outside and findthat poor little thing

You got me right - I went and put on the wet rain gear, took the flash light and went outside. Now the thunder and lightening was still going strong and here was silly Grace looking under trees, behind building and under the chicken house to find this stranger. With ever clap of thunder I kept say "You got to be nuts Grace" and Yes, I know I am. Finally I gave up, wet to the bone and scared out of my wits.

I came back inside peeling those same clothes off me again and climbing up those stairs just hating myself for making this lost soul go into the storm. Now the show was almost over and I had not even managed to save a life... As I sat spinning away I kept saying to myself, ?The little fellow will be O.K". "It is not my job to house every lost soul". "You are nuts Grace - it is a wild animal, they know how to take care of themselves".

I admit it - as I checked on my little hen in the bathroom thru the night I then walked downstairs, opened the shop door and went outside to check if I saw the little visitor. No luck.

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