Thursday, May 13, 2010

All Are Welcome

As I went outside to collect the morning eggs and feed the hens imagine my eyes when I saw who was following my hens. Now I still am not sure what kind of a bird it is but the girls have decided to allow it into their fold. My black hens can never be bothered with manners or to stop their own eating routines but my sweet old gals watch out for everyone at the farm including our little lost visitor.

I could not stop giggling while watching these three. The girls shared everything with this little one - even the strawberry tops that I had placed outside the coop this morning as a special treat for getting thru the nights storm. They even brought it into the coop to drink from their water dish. What kind ladies they are - I am so blessed.

Now I am not sure if they took to this little one because they where missing their other white hen or if they just thought it was the motherly thing to do - either way it shows just how kind animals can be. The girls even took it over to Kasha and introduced the little one to their protector. Kasha kept looking at me, then looking at the bird and then back to me. I explained that now this little one was in her charge and Kasha just looked at it and went back to her morning nap.. That is high praise because if she decided it was not to be she might have made it breakfast.

So, I guess we have a new member of the Funny Farm for how ever long it decides to stay. All Are Welcome, just wished I knew what kind of a bird it is - any thoughts???


PenCraft said...

Could it be a guinea fowl? It doesn't look much like a native bird to me, but then again, what do I know. LOL

Redd said...

is it a partridge?

It's adorable whatever it is!

stregata said...

Looks like a quail or a partridge to me - but then, I am not that familiar with North American wildlife.
Glad it has found a haven in your flock.

Anonymous said...

It is a chuckar partridge.