Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Don't You Hate Uninvited Guests

First off - sorry the picture is a bit fuzzy but there was a haze in the air.

So get this - I was sitting at the computer working away when Johnny Cash (one of the weithered billies) was screaming up a storm. I look out my window and I saw the four boys hiding behind my truck in one big mass. I opened the window and yelled out "What is all this noise about?" Cash answered back with more loud, scared screams. This time the others also joined in and they never make a peep.. That got me worried. I looked in the direction of the stares and what did I find but this huge horse in their pens... I snapped two pictures and ran downstairs.

I grab my outside pants which where laying on the floor, slapped on my hat and coat, pulled on my boots and grabbed my Shepard's hook. As I ran to the front gates the boys stood frozen in their tracks. I went thru the gates and told them to STAY! As I walked around the fence line to get to the gates that are facing the forest the boys walked six paces behind me in a line as if to be my support. Each time I would stop and say "STAY" but they really wanted to help. I was concerned that they could get kicked or hurt. The neighbors horses are always breaking out and they are not the best behaved by any stretch. Now, do not get me wrong I love horses but not when they are wild, bad mannered and on my property scaring the crap out of my sweet ones.
As I rounded the big panels that would be the way out for the horse he charged. I put my hook up and gave my biggest, meanest voice to "STOP"!!! He did, I backed him up away from the gates to the goats pen and my boys ran in quickly and I shut the gate. Now my boys where safe and I could deal with the horse. Just then my Llama girls saw from the farest pasture what I was up against and they came a running - not the best help because they gave their fighting screams and that really spooked this already out of control horse. I moved the gates open wide and waved the hook above my head and yelled "GO" and he shot out of the run like a bullet. I ran after him still waving the hook running him down the fence line of my property and onto theirs. He charged down to the barn where he should have been all along.

I have lost count of how many times they have had their horses get off their property but this is the first and I hope the last time that this wild thing comes anywhere near my sweet boys. For hours the boys told everyone on the farm of their terrible experience - Cash would not shut up till the sun went down - he even had to go and tell the chickens.
While he was talking I was working having to fix the gate that horse knocked down, cleaned out the food bunker he ate out of because the boys where acting like it was filled with cooties... They are silly that way.. Who blames them - horse slobber - YUCK!!

Never a dull moment at the Funny Farm.


Lisa said...

great story Grace. i really think you should write a bookabout your experiences like Jon Katz of Bedlam Farm has done.

monica said...

Oh Grace, do be careful!! I have to say that I would have been chasing after that horse too!! Glad that the boys and you are fine!!

larkspur funny farm said...

Thanks Lisa I have start a book but never seem to get time. I will have to check out the book you mentioned. I love reading of other folks experiences.. Thanks for readying my silly stories

larkspur funny farm said...

Monica I must admit that thing was scarey and huge but my sweet one's come first and all reason flies out the window when they are in trouble. You know that mothering thing.