Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Oz - Funny Farm Style

Never Mind the man behind the curtain!!
Llama Boy sure can pull my strings and create more issues that some day's I wish to deal with - Tuesday was such a day.

The temp at the farm was bitter cold, more snow was coming sideways and my silly Llama Boy was not cooperating. I tried for over an hour to place him back into a barn where he would be safe and I could stop worrying. I tried every trick in the book but he was just not going to leave the closed side of the barn which housed the Llama Mommas and their little girls. There is not a way to drag a 200 pound (or more depending on how mad he gets) through waist high snow drifts nor can I trick him into going into the smaller barn because he has learned from my last deception on getting him in that barn. So I finally gave up and told him that his strong will better carry him through the bitter cold that was well on it's way.

I made it back to the house and peeled off all the layers and changed into dry clothes. I went up stairs still saying words of anger and disappointment for this hard headed guy. When I came downstairs to start work on some fiber that would not give me much trouble there he was standing at the french doors looking in at me. I wagged my finger (index finger that is) at him and scolded him again for being such a pain. I sat and worked away at the carding machine while he spent the time watching me. I tried to ignore his nose pressed against the glass and stay focused on my work - all the while reminding myself I tried for so long and now he was going to have to ride it out.

So how long do you think I lasted with that resolve???

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Candy C. said...

LOL!! I'm SURE you went back outside to try to get him in the barn! You're such a good "mom" to all your critters!