Thursday, February 9, 2012

Heather Field in ArtFire Store

I have begun the work of building up my ArtFire Store. I have been remiss about giving that shop the goodies that are well known in my Etsy Shop. So today I have started adding some Dreamy Fiber Batts.

This offering is called "Heather Field" which contains a bold purple that I dyed on sweet "LFF Gambler" Alpaca boy which is a soft natural camel color so this purple really enriched the look of the fiber. Then I took some merino roving and spaced dyed it six shades of violets and lavenders. Last was some incredible kettle dyed Wensleydale lockets in reds, purples and blues. When I gathered all the fiber together on the prep table I really took my time - Yes, with Llama Boy watching to make sure I got it right - and slowly added each fiber in rounds so they will seamlessly be a smooth even batt. This will give the new owner so many possibilities to create with this offering. You will feel the soft, loving fiber that each one of these animals produced and you can wear it next to the most delicate skin.

Please take a visit to my ArtFire shop if you can -

We promise some goodies and I do have a book sale going on right now - 30% OFF

Thank you!

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