Thursday, February 9, 2012


Sister Kiss Me!! After having a full hour outside running as fast as they could the little girls Mari and Dottie went back into their side of the barn for a bunch of hugs from me and a couple of lip touches from each other. Llama's will touch so softly their lips together then pull their heads back a bit and give a gentle blow. Dottie does that already with me but Mari is still a tad shy...

I so enjoy every minute with these two because they are pure joy, absolute energy and above all kindness. They are still trying to figure out what the world is about and you can see their brains turning over and over as they look at things. What I also like about them is the quite. They do not make much in the way of sounds but a tiny hum now and then. That is not what is going on in the goat side of the barn. I swear they are never quite. Today I had music in my head phones and so this really got their attention. They kept coming up to my ear and listening then darting off. I guess I should have turned it down but today this tired gal needed Michael Jackson full force to convince the body to get outside and get through the snow.

So KISSES from Larkspur Funny Farm and the two new girls.


Candy C. said... sweet! I love to see the new babies exploring the world!

Sheri said...

What cutie pies!

Ngo Family Farm said...

Awwwwww!!! Mmm-wah ;)