Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Drinks All Around

Still trying to get my brain and body in a warmer place. The cold was so hard on me as I pulled the sleds Monday I just could not seem to warm up. As I sat in front of the carding machine I remembered the time I went to the Hawaiian Islands many years ago. I sat still and brought my mind back to the time I sat by myself on the warm beach with the gentle breeze moving the plants as if in a dance. I sat there with a Tropical Punch Drink in my hand that for the life of me I can not remember all that was in it but it went down easy and gave me such peace. Yep, I think that there might have been some spirits in it but all the better. So with this vision in mind I started recreating it in fiber form.

You can read all about it in the Etsy shop www.larkspurfunnyfarm.etsy.com

It is an amazingly lush and tasty batt - Oh to be on that beach with that drink..


Sheri said...

Lovely color! Wouldn't happen to have been a MaiTai would it?

larkspur funny farm said...

Thanks Sheri - No it was a speciality of the hotel we had been staying at... brain can't remember the name but sure remembered the moment.