Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Last night I watched a PBS Program about the Amish and was blown away by many parts of their lifes I did not know but what struck me most is how much I am more like them then not. Their work ethic, their desire to do good for everyone around them and their connection to the land. Now I made not believe the same way they do about the way in which we come to this planet or even what will happen to me when I leave it but I so admire their strength, purpose and will. While I was working in the carding room watching this program I had not given a thought to what to name this batt when I took it off the machine but just as my hands touched it I thought - Oh My, the Amish would think this is Sinful - so that is why it is named so...

It has some of the softest fibers around my farm - LFF Romeo a pure black Alpaca, LFF Smokey Quartz a Tri Colored Silver Gray Alpaca, Dark Silver Llama from a friend along with Pure White French Angora Bunny and Blinding White Bombyx Silk... Now doesn't that just sound sinful??

You can find this fiber batt at


caprejan said...

Your fibres look sinfully wonderful. Theres nothing better than being sinful occasionally. Have a wonderful day, I enjoyed the good engeries too, thank you.

larkspur funny farm said...

Thank you for your sweet words - sure helped on my gray mood day.