Sunday, February 5, 2012

Finding Your Good

Finding the good in a snow bound farm.
The sweet Pinon tree in the front of the house is a constant friend and form of amazement. It is full of tiny new cones and has on each tip a Mother Nature made ice cycle. Thin and delicate but such purpose. No man made decorations on any Holiday tree could come close to this perfection.

The way I found this beauty was in struggling through the snow drift outside the shop door that was chest high to get to the truck to start it up and this is what I saw - finding my good took a bit of effort but well worth it. By the way, the truck engine turned over - such a trooper this old dear truck is but I reminded it there was no going down the driveway - drifts are well over the wheels and in some places over the hood.

What is your GOOD you found today??


Candy C. said...

Lovely "decorations" on the pinon pine!
My good was finding time to do a little knitting! :)

larkspur funny farm said...

What you Knitting?? I hope it brought you joy and peace in the process. Did you bake today?

Carol said...

Cold clear frosty morn with signs of spring everywhere...