Monday, February 13, 2012

Walking Meditation

A need for calm thinking was my goal for Sunday - easier said then done but on the carding machine I always find my balance and bliss. The fibers in this batt are LFF Gambler Alpaca fiber in his own Caramel/Toffee color. Natural color Colorado raised Camel Down and then some kettle dyed Colorado raised Merino in soft rust, pale steel and soft blue. I spent the needed time at the carding machine to make this seamless batt - smooth, soft and so Zen.

I hope it will find a new home. It is my mindful work and would love to hear you thoughts about it. I feel at times that I am just typing to myself.


Sheri said...

Beautiful colorway, Grace. You always do such lovely blends.

larkspur funny farm said...

Thank you so much Sheri - It was pure bliss making this one.