Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Am Brave

For Today I Am Brave and Expect To Do So Tomorrow

Nothing in life is just handed to us, so we are told. Life is always changing even if we are not willing at the present moment. We can either be frightened by those things outside of ourselves or we can Stand Up and Be Brave!!

What did you do today to prove to yourself that you are the Brave Soul I know you are??


Jaja said...

I don't know that I did anything that would be considered brave. I have been so exhausted for the past week, I can't even get into my hand works. I'm still pushing on, even tho I would rather just go back to bed. Be brave and keep up the good works, I love to read your blog, blessings Jaja

larkspur funny farm said...

JaJa - I think that is very brave. You are pushing on and thru that you are finding the strength to see another day. I send you love and lights and I thank you for reading my blog - you and others give me the purpose to see another day.

Sharon said...

Bravo to you. Today, I got up real early to hunt Elk with hubby. It was too dark outside to shoot. This will happen until the end of the month. I am brave to do this. I think that you are very brave to take care of take care of your animals and your farm.

larkspur funny farm said...

Oh Sharon - I know how brave it is to go out into the dark to start the hunt. I hope you will find that perfect Elk without much work. You are bravo to do this. I found a couple of Mountain Lion tracks in the deep snow in the forest the other day - so going out during this blizzard to check on animals I do it with an axe in my hands. Just in case. I will have to be brave all over again at midnight and again at 3 am.