Thursday, February 2, 2012

Snow in Colorado

The weather men are going crazy!! SNOW in Colorado.. Yes, it is going to be the worst since 1800 something. The world is coming to and end - run to the stores folks.... Let's break in every 15 minutes to make folks panic even more then they did the last 15 minutes ago.

This is the way we deal with things anymore. Yes, it snows in Colorado and sometimes it REALLY SNOWS. Now I can see if you live in Florida and it's snows - reason to panic but come on people what did you expect when we had 65 degrees earlier last week - did we forget it was February in Colorado??

Here at the farm I was getting ready and dealing with what may or may not happen. The day started early with pulling out all the snowshoes, snow pants, emergency gear and started to get the animals ready. I moved tons of hay closer to the animals and covered and weighted it down just in case the drifts are too high to get through with the sleds. Candles are pulled out of the drawers and placed where over the years I have found them useful. Brought up jugs of water from the basement just in case the power is lost. All the animals know that snow is what to use just in case I can not get to them for awhile. This water is for hens, new llama baby's and dogs. Then shovels are placed at ever door and in every barn. Everyone got extra feed this afternoon to keep their bellies going into the night. Then it was back into the house to start large pots of boiling water on the stove.

Now I never know if we should listen to weatherman so at 8 pm I made the decision to do some musically housing. Kasha is too old to stay in the horse trailer where she normally loves in lay outside of it instead of inside of it. So into the smaller barn with her. However, that means the bottle kids have to leave that barn because in her old age she is not in the mood for three very active, very social fur balls with no boundaries. Now that means picking them up one by one and walking them across the farm into the big goat barn. That is six times the length of the farm - can we say fun times. Really, I love being out in this kind of weather but I think that bottle kids ate rocks this afternoon. A small pen was quickly put together so that the bottle kids would not be messed with by the goat girls or the Llama Mommas. Then it was back to the small barn with Kasha. Then go get Sophia from the other side of the farm and move her to the horse trailer and shut her in.

Now comes the fun part - find Llama Boy (a white llama) in a blizzard. Yep, with my head lamp on high I went hunting for him. See earlier in the afternoon I was going to place him in the pasture with the older billies where he normally winters but since the birth of his offspring he has other thoughts. As I was trying to round him up with already about an inch of snow on the ground Graceful Grace stepped on some snow covered black ice and did a reverse snow angel.. That is the nice way of saying Grace went boom face down. After saying some very loud choice words I told Llama Boy that this behavior was not cool. I know that when the snow gets deep enough he will follow me - let's just hope I can dig out the gate by then.

As I walked back to the house there is now more like 5 inch's of snow and you could not see a foot in front of yourself - I knew then that is was going to be one fun night. I got in the house, peeled off the layers of wet clothes and put an ice pack on the already black and blue right knee, put a package of peas on my right wrist and waited for the kettle to whistle. The craziness of the weather reports are cranking into high gear. I think it is time to dig out some movies such as "The Thing" or how about the "The Day After Tomorrow" - Now that is a snow storm!!!

After find the bottle of Aspirin I am returning to the couch with ice pack on the knee, peas on wrist, heating pad on the back, cup of hot tea in my hands, cap on my head and a movie in the machine. I set the alarm clock for two hours just in case I fall asleep sitting up. What is really weird about all this is this is what I am good at - I may not understand how to turn on a cell phone but I am darn good at blizzards and animals. Remember my earlier post about being brave - this is going to be one of those nights - Big girl pants on and head lamp charged... Ready to go toe to toe with Mother Nature - wish me luck.


Candy C. said...

Even our news was showing all the snow in Denver. Be careful, no more reverse snow angels!!

Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

Hope all the farm fares the snow well. The one time I was in Colorado in August it snowed 13 inches, so I really dont see how anyone could be surprised about snow now. I guess the news needs something else sensational to talk about other than a Kardashian. Blech!

Sheri said...

I hope all is well this morning. I know what you mean about the weather people getting everyone all upset. Around here every storm is the storm of the century! No more falls ok?

Aunt Jenny said...

I hope alll is good there this morning. I have had you on my mind alot. We had a little snow ( a few very slushy inches) yesterday but nothing like a usual February storm still. I hope you didn't get it too awfully bad. Sounds like you are ready though. I think I am kinda good at that sort of thing as well. Feels good huh? And sound just like me with the ice packs and heat pad, tea and a movie with an alarm set to get up and check on critters. Love that.

Carolyn said...

I don't know why but you're weather gadget shows NY weather -sunny and 34 degrees. LOL. Bet the Llama is ready come in now!

larkspur funny farm said...

Thanks Ladies for all your kindness and well wishes. Yep, it is still snowing - it took three hours to do feeding this morning. All are still standing including me. Carolyn I wish Llama Boy had a brain. Spent about an hour chasing him around but he would not go into any of the barns.. Will keep trying but he has huge bails to eat, places to get out of the wind if he would use them and a strong will... Who does that sound like???

Ngo Family Farm said...

You're a pro at this winter weather stuff Grace--3 foot drifts got nothin' on you! ;) Take care!

Aprons and More said...

Thinking about you and your babies! Hope this bad weather passes fast!! Spring is coming's already here in Georgia! Keep warm and safe.

Katy :)

Ngo Family Farm said...

Ummm...make that 5 foot drifts! yikes! Stay safe, Grace.

Mountain Thyme said...

What is with the uncalled for excitement of the local news? Kathy Sabin was actually jumping up and down! Really! I thought she was going to pee her pants!

It is Colorado. It is winter. Always be prepared and, for heavens sake people, CALM yourselves!

(Not have a lot more work to do and a lot more planning then just us folks up in the high mountains with no large animals and such.)