Friday, February 17, 2012

Quick - She Not Looking

While I was working at the dye pots Thursday afternoon when I got this feeling like I needed to look out the front window. Sure enough there was a sight to see...

Since the many snow storms have hit the farm - The dogs do not have their normal access to the parts of the farm that are their territory. This spot is where Sophie normally resides. I worried that the drifts had been growing too high to reach her so I brought her to the horse trailer. That was tons of fun, controlling a wild girl jumping thru waist high drifts with me on my snow shoes. Really this is an art form not to kill myself or break something. For about a week and a half no one has attempted that area of the farm. There has not been one animal track there - they are not stupid. Today the four does walked in the belly high snow to get to this spot under the big Pine tree in the front. Nibbling on the tall grass that now shows a bit and standing on hind legs to reach up to pluck some pine needles. I felt for them because the snow is still having the farm creep at a very slow pace. The goats have not even ventured out from the small area outside their barns. The Llama girls finally stopped walking in my foot prints and walked slowly into the pasture but not too far - still worried that the llama babies would get stuck.

I hope soon everyone will be back to some normal activites - at least as normal as we get here at the Funny Farm.

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Candy C. said...

Good picture! Hope some of that snow melts away for you and the critters pretty soon!