Monday, February 20, 2012

Gather Roses

Hard to keep a smile on my face with another round of snow falling here at the farm and bitter winds howling and hitting my face. Last night as I was trying to stay in the thought of Spring I just had to create my favorite flower - a Wild Rose. Once I finished the batt a warm glow came over me as I could imagine deep under the snow in the forest rests the Wild Roses. The snow will give them the needed water to give them a great start to the new season. I gave thanks for the snow that I have but I must admit I am hoping for not so much all at once.

What is your favorite Spring Flower??? Would help me find new colorways for my new rounds of batts I will start today.


Aunt Jenny said...
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Aunt Jenny said...

Sweet peas!!! The Old Spice type with muted colors....I love all your recent batts.