Monday, February 6, 2012

Mail Box Adventure

Today's biggest task was to make it down the very long driveway here at the farm. I was so blessed to have many customers find items to want in my shops during this storm and I packaged them all up with heart stickers on the labels and all my love placed into the packages... Now, I just had to get it to the ignored mail box at the end of my snow covered (that is an under statement) long and curving impassable road. I decided to do this task first thing so I was fresh with energy and my legs had not complaints.

I put all the packages in a large plastic sack to keep them safe and dry. I got the sheep hook to balance myself and to use it to get me up just in case I do a reverse snow angel again. With goggles on and all the layers this body requires off I went. I forgot to mention that in my ears I was listening to Eckhart Tolle to give me strength and purpose of being in the NOW.

I went with such joy that I had packages to take to the mail box and I also knew I had a lecture DVD awaiting for me since Thursday. Yes, there was much effort, the legs started to remind me that I never really remember how long this driveway is until I have to do one of these treks. But I remained present and it was wonderful. I am the first tracks in any of the snow - not even bunny tracks to show signs of life. The sunlight bounced of the crystals in the snow as if to say - "Look at what I created just for you" Magical.

I reached the box and placed the nine packages into it with love and care. I took my mail and placed them into my plastic sack and started the trek back. I stayed in my own tracks to keep the rest of the snow untouched so the next time I make it down I can see who was here. What a long yet joy filled adventure. They say I am going to get more snow in the next two days but for now I thrill in the task of walking my mail down. Simple I know but what a JOY!


Candy C. said...

How fun that you were first on the snow, even before the critters! :)

larkspur funny farm said...

Yeah! Those wimpy Deer, Bunnies and Coyotes - where and what are they doing??? Missing all the fun!! Guess they are just smarter then this gal...