Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday at the Farm

This afternoon was another scrub oak cutting day and four hours in the hot sun and 8 huge sleds full of the yummiest; goodies for the goats can be back breaking, hand cramping and leg straining work but with that comes this - I found six humming bird nests and watched the residents of those homes gathering up the last of their tasty goodies before they leave the farm for this season.  I sat in the evening beds of the deer that live here.  They have selected the softest tall grass and leaves to rest in.  If you look closely you can see the impression swirl of the bodies in their nest and I enjoy just sitting there soaking in their energy.  What I find interesting is they never seem to mind that I sit in the beds.  In fact I have seen them sniff it after I have been in it and then they make a turn and lay down with a care.  Either that says something about my energy or my natural smell - I will take it either way..

After giving myself a good talking too I got up and went back to work.  As I clipped cluster after cluster of the tasty greens the goat boys were crying out "Hurry UP MOM"  I could hear them over the ear bud that was in my ear.  So much for a quite time in the forest.  I had to keep one ear bud out just in case I might have a Bear sneaking around.  I saw a few signs that we have someone visiting at times so I am not taking too many chances.  The issue of these tasty treats are bears love to snack on these to bulk up for their winter nap.I do not wish to get into a turf war over them so I work quickly and with the eyes in the back of my head wide open.  Not only do animals love them but  I have one friend who harvest these for her own cooking - she dries and roasts them and then grinds them.  She used them in breads, rolls, pancakes and she liked to add them to thicken stews.  I tried them once and I must say I did not find them tasty - maybe with time but the hens sure did. 

The work is hard, hot and rewarding.  When I look back at the time I have lived on this farm I could have never imagined myself any where else.  It is hard work but I have learned to look at the tiny gifts that come to me through Nature and those souls I care for - I am such a different women then the one who came here 17 years ago.  I knew this life was within me but I never really understood that I have lived the life the Universe had planned for me.  So I am pooped, whipped and loving that every one's tummies are happy and they are settling in for a cool evening.  I will be going outside again later to just sit in the dark within the forest and drink in the bliss that my soul always finds there - I hope everyone gets to experience what ever it is that makes their soul complete.

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