Friday, August 23, 2013

Red Moon Rising

Oh My was that RED MOON eerie and cool at the same time.  I went to do my usual night mailbox walk, the big billies are eating in the tiny flowers that sprung up after the rain last night and I was absorbing the clear air.  Just then I saw my little skunk walking buddy.  Very relieved that he was safe and that he did not become a coyote snack.  As I softly said "Welcome Back Peppy" one of the Billies saw him and in a flash I had 8 big guys bolting past me as if their butts where on fire.  Now the issue was they where running not towards the house but to the road.  I took out after them and Yes, Peppy came to help - SOME HELP!!!  The closer I got to turning the boys they would see the skunk and bolt again.  Now I did not dare yell because I sure did not want the skunk to freak and release any of his perfume but I needed to stop those boys in the track.  Just then Graceful Grace forgot that there was some barb wire down thanks to my neighbors running their cattle again without consideration to the fact that every year they take a piece of fence out.  Well, lucky for me the trash cans caught my fall but that freaked the skunk and he took off while leaving a trail of smell behind him.  The crash of me falling into the cans and my four letter words flying out of my mouth stopped the boys. They came running to me to see if I was O.K.

 I tell you they got a big talking to on the way back to the house. Again, I am so thankful that there is not someone filming how nuts I must appear when I am doing this kind of a thing.   They are all in time out - which is their pen instead of getting to nibble through the night and my finger wagging went on for a few many minutes as they stood in front of me as I closed their gate.  I know  that none of us wish to be around skunks but they are big boys and as I kept saying to them  'MY GOSH, You all acted as if a bear was walking next to me"  I have protected you from danger all the time and you stampede over a skunk?

When I got into the house out came the first aid kit, washed my cut up legs, used my favorite spray wound cleaner (it is for animals but I have been called worse) and I wondered if anyone else had an exciting adventure under the Red Moon Rising tonight ?

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Fran said...

Aww. once you are over your pain, it might seem funny. Poor things, spooked by stink! You do have your adventures, Grace. :D

Darn neighbours need to get it together. Might have been really bad! As it is, maybe you need to go calling while your wounds are fresh. :D