Saturday, August 24, 2013

Basket full of Jerry

I have a basket full of the best Cashmere from my guy Jerry.  I hate to tell you who his mother is but it is Esmeralda, The Devil Goat.   One thing this bloodline gives is UBER soft Cashmere Down.  Unlike his mother this is a gentle and quite boy who works well within the herd and someday will become a stellar herd sire to some lucky group of girls.  Jerry was a twin and when his brother Ben passed I thought I might loose him as well because he became so sad and lost that he would not eat.  I had to hold on to Esmeralda every two hours to place Jerry under her and wait until he finally decided life was worth living again.  The way I finally convinced him of that was to bring Esmeralda's son from the year before Ozzie into the pen and Ozzie would stand next to little lost Jerry until he finished nursing.  Then the two boys would curl up in the corner and nap together.  Not many billies would do that but then I have a special place with the most loving souls.  Now that they live in the herd of grown billies Ozzie and Jerry are the go too guys.  They stand the line when predators attempt to cross the fence line.  They work together to stop a fight that might be getting out of hand and above all those amazing talents they make the finest Cashmere around.  I am so very blessed to have them here even if their Mother is Heck on 4 legs.

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