Saturday, August 31, 2013

Nutella My Way

Worked really hard outside today and so when I did finally get into the house and cleaned up I realized Grace deserved a treat.  So baked a loaf of bread and while that was filling the house with mouth watering smells I made my version of Nutella.  This time I took organic roasted Cashews and swirled them into a butter.  Next melted Bitter Sweet Chocolate with the butter.  Once that was smooth I stirred in pure Vanilla, a pinch of Sea Salt and a pinch of Chia Powder.   Stir all together and Yippy it is not Skippy but a million times better tasting and better for you then that stuff in the stores.
Then a nice slice of my Coconut Milk Bread toasted and a smooth layer of the nutty goodness.  Yep, this gal has earned this and then some.  It takes such simple things to put a smile on my face.  All this while watching a good Sherlock Homes Murder Mystery.  I am such a party animal !!!

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